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Welcome to the world of Technology and Beauty. Here at Afsan permanent makeup, we boost up your hidden beauty with the help of Technology and our highly experienced specialist. We give you such a better look which you always wished, but could never expect it so easy and fast  to get. Our professional specialist who is a Beauty Designer too, will lead you to a Natural unique  look, tailored for your face and personality.

We offer a free consultation session to you, to become more familiar with this Art, and get the best advices based on your needs and conditions.

You are always welcome to contact for appointment.

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  • Full Lips & Lip Liner

  • Lash Extension

  • Eye Lashers

  • Eye Liner

  • Eyebrows

Afsan Permanent Makeup

ONatural-Looking permanent eyebrows.

Add volume and length to your lashes naturally and carefree. 

Permanent make up full lips and lipliner to redifine your natural lipliner.

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