Afsaneh Arjomand

is a professional makeup Artist, licensed with an International Certificate in the field of Permanent Makeup and Paramedical correction.

She is also a professional Designer and Beauticianist with more than five years experience in her Artistic work. Her passion, knowledge of design and specialities has highly assisted her to do an Identical Natural Look on every single person.

For a new client, she gives a free consultation based on her/his needs, and let them choose the best they want. Her methods are applicables for all,  both female and male can benefits from this Daily increasing demand of Artistic way of better look.

An important issue in this job is using Genuine and Certified materials with consideration of approved hygienic standards. Here, she uses only certified cosmetic grade colors and latest existing standards in her procedures. Like any reliable professional, she cares about her clients not only in first session, but also later for any touch ups or correction. She welcomes all clients with respect and love. please contact for appointment ( Cell: 310-402-1550)

Afsan Permanent Makeup

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